"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision : Striving for Excellence in all that we do


Our Core Values

Courage : Forgiveness : Friendship : Honesty : Positivity : Respect

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Our Mission Statement 

The family of St Mary's Catholic Primary School believes that each person is unique and made in the image and likeness of God as expressed through Jesus Christ in the Gospels. We believe that our mission is to recognise, nurture and develop the God given gifts and talents of each individual.

Our Aims

To inspire children to appreciate and practice spiritual, moral, cultural and aesthetic values

To foster in children a sense of awe and wonder for God's created world and to have an awareness of their unique place within it

To value childhood as an intrinsic "right" for all pupils

To encourage an environment which creates and fosters loving, responsible and creative human beings

To promote the highest possible standards of achievement for each individual child

To base our school's curriculum on direct and practical experiences which harness children's natural curiosity

To provide a curriculum which fosters active learning, autonomy and choice

To encourage and nurture an independence in children which forms a strong basis for them to become life long learners To promote oracy, literacy and Numeracy as a basis for all learning

To provide a safe, secure, structured learning environment

To expect the highest standards of self-discipline and behaviour from all members of the school community

To provide children with a positive self-image which develops respect and co-operation with others

To promote challenging and equal opportunities for all children within a positive and ordered environment

To encourage parents and members of the wider community to enhance our children's education The staff at St. Mary's are particularly concerned with good behaviour. We believe that good behaviour needs to be carefully developed. It is too important to be left to chance. We think young children learn best when they are clear about what they are supposed to do and when they are continually and consistently encouraged to do it.