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FoStM PTA September Meeting Minutes

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MINUTES of the FoStM PTA Meeting held on 7th September 2017 at 9:15 a.m. in the school Dining Hall


Present:          Stacey Gibbs (SG) – Chair; Ellen Domone (ED); Monika Moravicikova (MM); Lynda Sullivan-Maw (LSM) and Anita Shelton (AKS)


Apologies for Absence were received and accepted from Carol Arnese (CA); Kate Jarvis (KJ); Jennifer Mason (JM); and Louise Tong (LT).



The Academic Year 2016-2017 was reviewed.

All events had gone well, and proved profitable. It was agreed that, should parents suggest different events/times etc, they should be invited to come along and help.  The school and FoStM have settled into working well together; a structure is now more in place.

Documents are now being uploaded to WhatsApp as pictures.

It was suggested that the ‘Events’ tab on Facebook could be used; this was agreed and ED agreed to look at this, and also at ‘Notifications’.

SG was congratulated for driving the FoStM forward; SG thanked all for their support.

Copies of the financial records are available if anyone wishes to see them.



Events Planned for 2017-2018 and beyond.

  • “Cakes & Clipboards” – it is hoped that this will bring in more support.
  • One A4 list of events will be sent out, rather than individual A5 fliers (following feedback). Reminders can follow.
  • An A4 information sheet has been provided to staff, which includes additional details.
  • A Volunteering sheet has been drawn up, which explains what is required with rough timings.
  • Games, etc., which are available for the Christmas Fayre need to be identified.
  • Risk Assessments will be carried out.
  • Sweets are being avoided as prizes as much as possible.
  • After 15th October, FoStM will offer to take old £ coins!
  • Mini-Members will initially be Year 6 pupils – but for the Autumn term only. From the Spring term, Year 5 pupils will be invited to volunteer (leaving Year 6 pupils to focus on their SATS).
  • There will be a big drive on appointing class representatives. JM has already volunteered, and it is hoped she will take on the role of ‘Head Class Rep’. Joanne Baden may also be willing to stand.  A welcome pack has been prepared, providing suggestions on the role and activities.  It has been suggested that the class rep may offer an opportunity for parents to contribute to a whole-class gift for the teacher at the end of the year.



Christmas Fair Working Party

Volunteers are being requested, and ‘recruitment’ will be attempted at the “Cakes & Clipboards” event.



Community Outreach Representatives

ED offered to take on this role, using Social Media. The main purpose is to contact businesses, shops, etc, to seek donations of prizes and sponsorship.



Urgent Matters

LSM offered to take on updating of the FoStM section of the school website. AKS will set up log-in details and provided training.




The Meeting closed at 10:10 a.m.