"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Head of School's Response to Matters Raised 13/07/2017

Review of Actions from Meeting held on 23rd March 2017

1.1 I will talk to the new Year 1/2 leader, Miss Squires, about this action and the suggestion of letters being handed out at the door instead of being put in book bags. Reminders will continue to happen with teachers about naming letters throughout the year as well.

1.4 I have asked Anita to liaise with you so the dates can be put I place for next year for all of the parent forum meetings for each term. I can then include this on the school timeline, as well as letting parents know.

1.11 I will send a letter out in September to push again for email addresses. We are going to use the 2nd week back as an opportunity for parents to informally meet their child’s new class teacher, so we will use this also as an opportunity to gather more email addresses again.

How to increase parental involvement / resolve communication issues

2.1 The volunteer group for the Environmental area was put on hold this year, but Mrs Buck is eager to lead on this with some other staff members. We are exploring options as we have had funding allocated for this area.

 As for the other volunteering groups that were established this year, they will continue (Reading, English/Maths specialist, parent forum and PTA) and the people who have started to lead on these this year will continue next year  and send out a letter in Autumn to recruit again. On that note, are you happy to continue leading the parent forum group?

Key dates for the academic year are currently being compiled for the main events e.g TLCs etc, and so will be given out to parents in September, as well as continuing with reminders throughout the year.

2.5 I had seen this. I was leaving this until September as I knew it was not something we would be able to achieve this year. The RE, Art and PSHCE leaders will then discuss the project and plan for an appropriate time next year, most likely Spring term, that this will take place.


Finally, I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for everything you have done with supporting the school. I have spoken to Mrs Irvine, new Headteacher, about the parent forum group and she is eager to meet you in Autumn.