"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Parent Forum 19th May 2017

Review of Actions from Last Meeting

a) Names on letters being sent home are not yet happening consistently, but is happening. Teachers to be reminded.  

b) Email addresses to be collected at TLCs (possibly in September).  

c) Clubs – Information including pick up/drop off times/places and kit/snack requirements not yet being provided. Parents require a letter or email prior to the clubs taking place.  

d) Date for “Meet the Parents” informal meeting to be provided as early as possible (for new parents to meet members of the Parent Forum; Friends of St Mary’s (PTA); Local Governing Body).  

e) Friends of St Mary’s (PTA) to recruit class parent representatives during the Summer term.  

f) The PTA badge has been drafted and will be emailed to Mrs Shelton.  

g) Mr Griffiths to take photographs of Friends of St Mary’s (PTA) and Parent Forum members. Date/s to be set.  These photographs need to be in place prior to the new parents’ meetings.  

h) The Friends of St Mary’s (PTA) now have their own board. The school playground board is now to be for school use only, to avoid confusion.  

i) A “Next Week’s Events” board is no longer considered necessary as it is covered by the school newsletter. Once class parent reps are in place they will update class events (from September).  

k) A cycle-safety letter has been sent out.  

l) Request for new kit – to be confirmed that this has been submitted to the governing body.  

m) School council members are canvassing their peers re use of hi-vis tabards, or an alternative, for trips. Costs have been researched.


Review of Emergency Procedures applied on 4th May 2017

The only issue raised was that the school did not advise parents/carers that the gunman had been apprehended.  It was suggested that this could have been done by text or email. 

Communication re the Cinema night needed tightening up.


Other Matters/Concerns/Issues

i) Concern was raised about how visitors to the school are identified before they are admitted. Procedures are in place; Mrs Whittaker will remind all staff that they are to be followed.  

ii) The voluntary nature of donations for school trips was queried. However, it is a legal requirement that these contributions are voluntary and that this is made clear in all letters.  

iii) Gift Aid contributions were also raised.  However, this scheme is not operated by the school.  There will be changes due to academisation and the new scheme will need to be launched by the Trust Board.   


Next Meeting:                  Friday 23rd June 2017, 9:30 a.m.