"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Parent Forum 9th February 2017


Website Update:

It was agreed that the website is now more appealing and easier to navigate, although it is not yet mobile friendly.

It would be interesting to know how accurate the translation facility is.

Homework is useful; it does need to be available from Friday each week.



These were fairly well attended; parents were impressed with all of them, especially the Maths one.

In future, more time to see what the children are doing would be appreciated.

Sessions for parents/carers on how to pronounce Phonics sounds correctly and how to carry out maths calculations would be appreciated.

Family Learning, especially for SEN children and their parents, would be helpful.

It was suggested that a questionnaire be sent to parents/carers who did NOT attend, to ascertain the reasons, eg time of sessions, perceived relevance of the content, childcare issues, etc.

The length of notice given was appreciated.


School Trips:

Communication:  All trips should be notified to parents/carers even if specific permission is not required.

Weather:  Unless a venue or coach has needed to be booked, trips should be cancelled or rescheduled if the weather is very bad.  Unfortunately this is not possible for trips where bookings have had to be made.

Safeguarding:  Parents who observe/hear anything of concern should and do raise this with the class teacher.  It would be helpful to parents/carers to be advised of issues within the school together with ways in which it can be handled if raised by a child at home.



Emails are not always received (can go into Junk); texts cost money and have to be brief.

It was agreed for the time being that it is probably best to send hard copy letters, one per family.  Letters should be given to any absent child on their return (or posted if the absence is expected to be prolonged and annotated with the child’s name so that ‘dropped’ letters can be identified.

It was suggested that a prompt be included in a school newsletter, recommending that parents/ carers check the school website for letters at least weekly.

The fortnightly school newsletters were commended; use of ‘A’ boards is appreciated as is the Parent Noticeboard in the playground.


Comments/Suggestions from Parents/Carers:

The “parentsconnect@stmarysworthing.org.uk” email address has not yet been used, and no comments/suggestions have been received from parents/carers. 

It was agreed to keep referring to this email address in the school newsletters.

It was suggested that a “Get in Touch” box be added to the home page of the website, with a link to a summary of discussions at Parent Forums together with a list of items already being considered/discussed.

The PTA and Mufti-Days were briefly discussed.



Date of Next Meeting:

Thursday 23rd March 2017, 9:30 a.m.