"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Parent Forum Meeting 23rd March 2017

  1. Review of Actions from Meeting held on 9th February 2017:                       a) Homework is not yet always on the website on a Friday for all year groups; b) Sessions for parents/carers on how to pronounce Phonics sounds have been arranged. It was suggested that A5 flyers are easily ‘lost’ in book bags. c) Notification of trips via the school newsletter is sufficient (and on the website calendar);                                                                                             d) The school will continue to be aware of the need to communicate safeguarding issues, e.g. knives on the premises, to parents/carers. It was confirmed that staff have been reminded of this.                                            e) Letters home are not yet all being named to ensure those not taken and/or dropped can be identified.                                                                               f) The ‘Get in Touch’ Link is on the website. The ‘flash’ pictures are not viewable on smartphones; however it was acknowledged that until the new website is in place it is not viable to pay an additional cost to have the website ‘smartphone friendly’.  Overall, the website is much better.

Action Points:

a) Planning Team leaders to be reminded that homework MUST be on the school website on a Friday;                                                                       b)  Consider all flyers being A4 sized;                                                             e)  Class staff to be reminded that letters home MUST be named. 


  1. Review of Administration of Medicine Policy:

The policy is available on the school website.  It was acknowledged that it could be more explicit in some areas, e.g. asthma.  However it was also acknowledged that all policies will be reviewed as part of becoming an Academy, as the current policies are adopted from West Sussex models.  A brief discussion took place around why paracetamol is not allowed in school, and why the school only administers prescription drugs which are 4 or more times daily.


  1. Clarification of how After-School Clubs should operate:

It was requested that P.L.A.Y. provide better information/more details to parents/carers who sign their children up for a club, e.g. pick up venue. 

Action Point:

  • Jamie Brotherton (P.L.A.Y. contact) to be asked to send out basic information when acknowledging bookings.
  1. Welcome Meeting for ‘New’ Parents/Carers:

It was acknowledged that when children start in EYFS, or in a new school, parents/carers often don’t know what to do/send in or how to support their child.  At some other schools an informal welcome meeting takes place, where tea/coffee and cakes are provided and the ‘support’ groups (PTA/Parent Forum/Governing Body) representatives are available to introduce themselves, chat and answer questions.  It was agreed that this is lovely idea and would fit around the current arrangement of introductory meetings and other admission arrangements.  It was also suggested that a ‘postcard’ be provided to all new parents/carers with the website address, and email addresses for EYFS/Parent Forum/PTA.

Action Points:

  • Informal welcome meeting to be arranged for early in September; 
  • Postcard to be considered for each new class, to provide contact details over the summer break.
  • PTA ID badge to be drafted 


  1. Photographs of ‘Support’ Groups, e.g. PTA/Parent Forum/Governing Body:

It was agreed that photographs of each group, on display in the playground, would be beneficial.  The PTA will investigate the cost of a board to be attached to the school fence (facing the playground).

The PTA is also investigating the cost/feasibility of a beach hut, as storage but also a place for selling tickets, etc., and for notice boards.  This is a longer-term aim.

The school photographer, Paul Millen, will be taking the pupil group photographs on 3rd May; it was agreed to ask the group members if they are able to come in for these photos on that day.  If not, it may need to be arranged for an evening with a parent or staff member to take the pictures.

Action Points:

  • PTA to report back re feasibility of providing a board;                 
  • Group members to be asked if they can come in for group photograph 3/5. 



  1. “Next Week’s Events” Board:

It was agreed that this could be maintained/updated by the PTA.  Two mums have come from schools where each class had Parent Reps; it was agreed that these could be sources of information, but that one person would need to be in charge of keeping the board up-to-date. 

Action Points:

  • PTA to take on implementation of ‘Next Week’s Events’ Board; 
  • PTA to set up/organise Class Parent Representatives system. 


  1. Cycle Helmet Policy:

It was agreed that there is a need to draw parents’ attention to the safety aspects for their children cycling to school; however it would not be feasible for the school to monitor/ enforce a cycle helmet policy. 

Action Points:

  • Cycle safety to be included in school newsletter; 
  • Specific “Cycle Safety” letter to be prepared and sent out w/e 31/03/2017.


  1. P.E. Kit Review:

It was agreed that the school’s current PE kit looks dated, and that academisation is a good time to introduce a new one.  The suggestion will be taken to the Governing Board.  The new PE kit could be phased in, as parents need to purchase new items.  The suggestion is that the PE top should be made of a modern, easily washable non-iron fabric and the shorts be ‘tagged’ with the school logo.  It was also suggested that netball skirts should be available for team members when playing in tournaments.

Action Points:

  • New PE kit to be proposed to the Governing Board; 
  • Cost of recommended PE Kit items to be established. 


  1. Identification of Children as St Mary’s Pupils when on trips, etc:

Although children are identifiable when wearing school jumpers, on cold/wet days coats are worn and on hot days the jumpers may be removed!  A range of possible options were discussed and it was agreed to further investigate wrist bands displaying the school contact number and ‘high vis’ waistcoats/tabards with the school name, whilst taking the options to the school council for consideration.

Action Points:

  • School Council to be asked about preferred method for children; 
  • Cost of wrist bands to be established; 
  • Cost of waistcoats/tabards to be established. 


  1. “Worth Less” Campaign:

This is being driven by a Headteacher within the Worthing ‘family’ of schools.  An update will soon be published; awareness needs to be raised.

Action Points:

  • Link with “Worth Less” logo to be put on school website, with all documents; 
  • Dave Carter to be asked for a ‘write up’ about his visit to London. 


  1. Clarification of Purpose/Roles of Parent Forum and PTA:

It was suggested that the purpose of the PTA is to build community between staff and parents/carers, to fundraise and to provide additional experiences and resources for the children, whilst the Parent Forum is more about bringing issues/concerns beyond the parents’ scope to the attention of the school leadership.

Action Points:

  • Notify Parent Forum members of next meeting date/time and ask for immediate response if unable to attend, clarifying that it’s a half-termly commitment (six meetings per academic year) and purpose/role as above. 
  • Prepare list for teachers to obtain email addresses at TLCs