"Inspiring All to Achieve"

Parent Forum Meeting held on 13th July 2017

Present:  Deborah Kaye (Chair); Stacey Gibbs; and Kate Jarvis (Parents) and Anita Shelton (Office Manager)

Apologies for absence were received from Jo Bishop; Louise Hardy; Emma Hobson; Jolene Marchant; Christina Ruso and Lynda Sullivan-Maw.

  1. Review of Actions from Meeting held on 23rd March 2017 :

1e)  Staff continue to be reminded to name letters; it was observed that this is in the main happening and is useful.  It was suggested that letters for year 1/2 pupils be handed out as the children leave the classroom, rather than on the carpet.

  1. Jamie Brotherton has been reminded of the need to keep parents/carers fully informed.
  2. “Clipboards & Cakes” will be taking place on the playground on 7th and 8th September; the PTA, LGC, Parents’ Forum and P.L.A.Y. will each be able to have a table where they can provide information – and sign people up! AP

Parent Forum dates/times will be agreed with the school for the Autumn term (or whole year), to be notified early September.   AP

Flyers will then be available with all groups’ details for 7th/8th September.  AP

The logo has been emailed to Anita Shelton; she will now use this to make up badges. AP

  1. Group photographs were not possible; therefore individual photographs will be taken in September. Two dates will be arranged and notified.  AP
  2. The PTA ‘A’-board is being fully utilised.

Class representatives have not yet been recruited; this will take place in September.  AP

  1. A Cycle Safety letter was sent out by the school.
  2. A request was presented to the Local Governing Committee for a new P.E. kit. This was acknowledged and is likely to be agreed.  The Parent Forum is requested to obtain samples and provide specifics re availability, cost, etc for a formal decision to be made with the intention to introduce it from September 2018.  Debs agreed to take this on.  AP
  3. School Council have indicated a preference for yellow waistcoats in EYFS and KS1, and purple waistcoats in KS2. Costing is in the region of £650 without printing, but printing of the school name is preferred which will cost in the region of £950.  The PTA may be able to fund the difference.  The school is considering how this may be funded, and an order will be placed in September.  AP
  4. The Worth Less logo is now on the website, with a link to information for parents.
  5. Email addresses continue to be requested; it was suggested that parents/carers be advised of the cost savings to be made by the school if hard copies are not required.


  1. How to increase parental involvement / resolve communication issues :

Several parents have indicated that they feel uninvolved in the education of their children; some have volunteered but not been used (i.e. gardening party for environmental area).  It was suggested that dates for events, such as TLCs, Sports Days, etc., be communicated at the start of each academic year.

It was also suggested that an electronic ‘sign-up’ method be used when inviting parents/ carers to volunteer for activities.


  1. Recruitment of New Parents to Parent Forum and other groups :

The “Clipboard and Cakes” sessions in September will provide an opportunity for this  (see above).


4.  Parent Support to Improve Children’s Parade Entry was postponed; this event is annual and so not due to take place again until the Summer 2018 term.


  1. Information on the Mencap Arts Project was requested as it had not been seen by the school staff nor, almost certainly, by Mrs Hardy. AP


No further matters were raised.


Suggestions for Consideration by School / SLT:

  • Year 1/2 pupils to be handed letters as they leave the building
  • Dates for TLCs/Sports Day/ etc to be communicated to parents at the start of each academic year
  • Electronic ‘sign up’ method to be considered when inviting parents/carers to volunteer for activities
  • Parents/Carers to be advised of the costs involved in sending out hard copies of letters, etc.




Action Points:

Item / Description

By whom

By when

Prepare information for “Clipboards & Cakes”



Agree Parent Forum dates for term/year



Prepare flyers for “Clipboards & Cakes” with information provided by PTA/Parent Forum/LGC/ P.L.A.Y.



Prepare badges for representatives of PTA and Parent Forum



Arrange two dates for photographs to be taken of PTA and Parent Forum reps



Recruit Class Reps



Obtain samples/prices for proposed PE kit



Follow up ordering of Hi-Vis waistcoats



Mencap Arts Project information to be re-submitted