"Inspiring All to Achieve"


Provided here are all of the published school policies, listed in alphabetical order:

PDF iconAccessibility Plan

PDF iconAdministration of Medicine in School Policy & Procedures

PDF iconAdmissions Policy 2016-2017

PDF iconAdmissions Policy 2017-2018

PDF iconAnti-Bullying Policy

PDF iconAttendance Policy

PDF iconBehaviour for Learning Policy

PDF iconBehaviour Management Policy

PDF iconBest Value 2016-2017

PDF iconCharging Policy

PDF iconCollective Worship Policy

PDF iconData Protection Policy

PDF iconDelegation of Financial Powers 2016-2017 Policy

PDF iconDisability Equality Scheme (incorporating Accessibility Plan)

PDF iconDrugs & Substance Misuse Policy

PDF iconEqual Opportunities Policy

PDF iconExclusion of Pupils Policy

PDF iconExtended Schools Policy

PDF iconFire Safety Policy

PDF iconFirst Aid Policy

PDF iconFood Policy

PDF iconFreedom of Information Publication Scheme

PDF iconGeneral Complaints

PDF iconGoverning Body Standing Orders

PDF iconGovernors' Allowance Policy

PDF iconGovernors' Code of Practice Policy

PDF iconGovernors' Induction Policy

PDF iconGovernors' Visits Policy

PDF iconHealth & Safety Policy

PDF iconH.E.L.P. Homework Policy

PDF iconHome-School Agreement

PDF iconICT & Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy

PDF iconManaging Allegations against Staff & Volunteers Policy

PDF iconOff-Site and Educational Visits Policy

PDF iconPhotographic Images of Children Policy

PDF iconPrivacy Notice - Pupils

PDF iconPSHCE Policy

PDF iconPupil Discipline including Anti-Bullying Policy

PDF iconQuick Guide to Standing Orders on Contracts 2016-2017

PDF iconRecruitment & Selection Policy

PDF iconReligious Education Policy

PDF iconRelationships & Sex Education Policy

PDF iconSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy

     Model Policy for Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy - for Link

PDF iconSpecial Educational Needs & Disability Policy

PDF iconSpirituality, Prayer and Worship Policy

PDF iconStatement of Internal Control 2015-2016

PDF iconSun Protection Policy

PDF iconUniform Policy

PDF iconUse of Force to Restrain Pupils Policy

PDF iconUse of Mobile Phones & Cameras Policy