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Overall attendance for the year 2018-2019 at St Mary's was 95.2%.  The Government expectation is 96%.

St Mary's has introduced "Classopoly"!  We believe it is important that we celebrate those who attend school regularly - that's where Classopoly comes in.

Each week, in our Friday assembly, we will reveal the attendance of each class; and each class that has met above 96% will roll the dice for our Classopoly board.

Classopoly is in the style of Monopoly, but the much-loved names like Old Kent Road and Mayfair are replaced with rooms around our school.  Each space on our giant board has its own prize, such as squash and biscuits; non-uniform for a day; and, for those classes who land on ‘Go to Jail’, a lesson with the Headteacher!  Land on ‘Free Parking’ and it’s free toast for the class on the following Friday! These prizes are for each member of the winning class.  When a class scores 100%, they have a bonus roll!

Our attendance policy aims to:

  • Encourage the highest levels of attendance and punctuality
  • Support pupils and their parents/carers to achieve this
  • Make parents / carers aware of their legal responsibilities in relation to attendance
  • Ensure attendance meets Government and Local Authority targets

Being at School

School education lays the vital foundations of a child’s life. Research clearly demonstrates the link between regular attendance and educational progress and attainment. Attending school encourages peer interaction and good social skills and develops understanding of core values of co-operation and respect. In addition, as a Catholic Trust, we strive to ensure that our schools are vibrant places for learning. We want all our pupils to enjoy being at school, and to be enthused and motivated by their learning. We will work in partnership with parents and carers to make their child’s education a success and to ensure that all children have full and equal access to all that the school has to offer. As a Trust, we will encourage parents and carers to ensure that their child achieves maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent this are identified and acted on promptly. It is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure that their child/ren arrive at school promptly.  

Classopoly - 7th - 13th February




St David


Extra PE with Mr Potter

St Anthony


In Jail (Story with Mrs Irvine)

St Hilda


Non-Uniform Day

St Elizabeth


Try again next week

St Ivan


Try again next week

St Luke


Try again next week

St Josephine


Try again next week

St Clare


Try again next week

St Bernadette


Try again next week

Useful Information
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