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Sports Challenges

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Mr Potter's Sports Challenges 

Week beginning 1st March

Click here to watch Mr Potter complete the challenges 

Mr P’s St Mary’s (last week of home schooling) skills challenges


Key Stage One

Challenge 1 – Balance on one foot

How long can you stand and balance on one foot?

Challenge 2 – Sock-ball tower

With sock-balls stack them one pair on top of the other to build a tower. How high can you build?

Challenge 3 – Trick shot

Can you throw a sock-ball into another object? Can you do it from far away? Up high? Down some stairs? Make sure an adult is with you as you try them.

Challenge 4 – Create your own dance

Can you create a short dance to a piece of music of your choice? Be expressive



Key Stage Two

Challenge 1 – Juggle.

With three sock-balls or bean bags or small balls can you learn to juggle or improve how long you can juggle for?

Challenge 2 – Sock Flick.

With a sock-ball and a saucepan can you flick a sock-ball up from one of your feet into the air and catch it in a saucepan? See how many time you can do it. Howe high you can flick it and catch it. Can you flick it up, do some keepy-uppys and then catch it.

Challenge 3 – House of Cards.

With a pack of cards, how high can you build a house of cards without it falling down?

Challenge 4 – Trick shot.

With a small sock-ball, ball or an item your adult at home has agreed you can use, try to throw it into something but with not looking at your target! Be creative, what can you throw your object into, where? Make it fun.


Please post Videos/ photos to the St Mary’s facebook page or email them to apotter@stmarysworthing.org.uk. There will be prizes for the best videos.

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