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Remote Learning


In Spring term our whole school theme is Geography – Journeys.


Remote Learning Packs

Please click on your phase for work set specifically for your year group/class. 

Within each phase folder there are:

  • suggested timetables
  • Activity overview grid
  • English activities
  • Humanities/creative tasks
  • RE activities


EYFS - St Hilda Click here


KS1 - St Anthony, St Bernadette, St Luke Click here


LKS2 - St Clare, St David and St Elizabeth Click here


UKS2 - St Kateri and St Josephine Click here


Youtube links

Friday 22nd January UKS2 click here for Chapter 4

Thursday 21st January UKS2 click here for Chapter 3 of your story for English 

For the EYFS video clip for Monday English activity click here

For the KS1 video clip for Monday 18th January Click here 


We expect to see you all for live Maths lessons and Miss Squires will take a register.  You have your login details for you live Maths lessons – if you have forgotten these contact the school office.



For phonics lessons and bedtime stories click here to visit our school Youtube page.

For the new phonics sound books and phonics activity books click here

Click on your teacher's name to find your phonics lesson - you lesson might not be with your usual teacher on here but you stay in their group.

EYFS    Mrs Howells

Year 1   Mrs Cox         Miss Squires      Mrs Lorimer      Mrs Bury      Mrs Edwards

Year 2   Mrs Howlett   Mrs Evans5


As this week we are celebrating the Baptism of Jesus - all classes have the same RE lesson.  

The children are asked to make a candle and decorate it to reflect their time in lockdown.

At Baptism promises are made on behalf of the children so linked to this the children are asked to write a promise/s on the candle which they will keep during lockdown.

Statements to Live by

Click here to watch the video and hear the activity set by Miss Barclay.

Online Activities

You have your Phonics Play, Spelling Shed and TT rockstars logins – if you have forgotten these contact you class teacher via your class email.


Be Active

Mr Potter is setting weekly Be Active challenges - you will see these on his page and also the link to complete the results form.


Have fun.

Don't forget we love seeing what you have been doing - you can send it to your teacher via your class email or return it to school when you collect your new remote learning pack or share it on our school social media Facebook https://www.facebook.com/head.stmarys or Twitter https://twitter.com/st_worthing 




The Epiphany 

The grid can be opened in the Downloads section.

There are different activities for you to chose from to retell and explain the story of the Epiphany

There is a great video on Youtube called The story of Christmas (Jesus and the Wise Men) which may help you -  click here to watch it

Thursday 8th January

St Hilda class - EYFS Maths 

Please watch Number Blocks Series 1: Holes.  Click here to watch on BBC IPlayer

Ask your child to count objects around the house (favourite toys work well). Write the numbers 1 to 5 on individual pieces of paper. Can they match the correct number of objects to the number? Eg choose 3 cows and put them on the number 3 piece of paper etc. 


Extra Challenge- Can they choose two numbers and use the objects to add the numbers together to find the total? 

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