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Weekly Learning Conversation Questions

Useful Information

Learning Conversations

Please ask your child about their learning this week using the questions below. 

This gives the children the opportunity to consolidate and embed what they have learnt through discussion as they become your teacher and share their learning and understanding with you.

There is no expectation or requirement for this to be written down; we value and recognise the importance of talking and communicating with each other.

Year 1 St Clare Class 

Who wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London? 

What did Samuel Pepys do with his precious possessions?   

Why do you think he did that? 

Count on from the number 3 up to 10.

Count on from 6. What number can you count up to?


Year 2 St Anthony & St Bernadette Class

Practice your lines and the songs for nativity please.  Click here to access the songs words and music

Year 3 St David Class

What is 33 divided by 3?

Did you already know a multiplication statement to help you with this?

Can you count to 10 in Spanish?

Can you say 4 facts about Stone/Bronze/Iron Age?


Year 4 St Elizabeth Class 

What was your favourite part of our Fishbourne visit?

Who lived at Fishbourne?

What has been your favourite fact about our Roman topic?


Year 5 St Kateri & St Ivan Class

Practice the song The Gospel Truth.

Over the next four days check the outside temperature and record and plot on a line graph.

Year 6 St Josephine Class

What are the features of a non-chronological report?

How have animals and doughnuts helped your learning this week?

Introduce yourself to your grown up in Spanish. 

Tell them your name, where you live, how you are and your age.



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