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Weekly Learning Conversation Questions

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Learning Conversations

Please ask your child about their learning this week using the questions below. 

This gives the children the opportunity to consolidate and embed what they have learnt through discussion as they become your teacher and share their learning and understanding with you.

There is no expectation or requirement for this to be written down; we value and recognise the importance of talking and communicating with each other.

 Year 1 St Clare Class 

·         What is your favourite toy you play with now? What toys did you enjoy playing with when you were a baby?

·         Find a photo of when you were a baby and ask your grown up to email it to your teacher at clare@stmarysworthing.org.uk

·         Can you sort some of your toys into groups?  e.g. yellow lego bricks, blue lego bricks etc.  Can you sort them in a different way now?  e.g. lego bricks with 4 bumps, lego bricks with 6 bumps. 


Year 2 St Anthony & St Bernadette Class

We had an exciting start to the week; a mysterious crime had been committed, we gathered the clues to try and work out what had happened.

·        Who do you think came to class? Why do you think that?

·        What is your favourite fairy tale? Why?

·        Maths - how many tens and ones in these numbers - 35, 53, 16, 60

Year 3 St David Class

·         What did Stone Age people use animals for?

·         What is an expanded noun?

·         How do I partition a 3 digit number?


Year 4 St Elizabeth Class 

·        What qualities and skills did a Roman soldier need to have?

·        Who was in Jesus' human family?

·        What are the rules for rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100?

Year 5 St Kateri & St Ivan Class

·         Maths – practice your Times Tables

·         English – Play at least three games on spelling shed

·         Topic – Tell me about your favourite ancient Greek God or Goddess?

Year 6 St Josephine Class

  • Who were the Anglo-Saxons?
  • What do you think life was like in an Anglo-Saxon village?

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