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Weekly Learning Conversation Questions

Useful Information

Learning Conversations

Please ask your child about their learning this week using the questions below. 

This gives the children the opportunity to consolidate and embed what they have learnt through discussion as they become your teacher and share their learning and understanding with you.

There is no expectation or requirement for this to be written down; we value and recognise the importance of talking and communicating with each other.

Year 1 St Clare Class 

What story have we been reading this week?  (The Gingerbread Man) 

We have listened to two different versions, what was the same and what was different? 

If you could re-write the story, what would happen?  E.g. the Gingerbread would be saved by a different animal or maybe the fox and the Gingerbread Man become friends.  



Make some groups of two, shoes would be good to use.  Say the sentence to match e.g. 1 group of two equals 2, 2 groups of 2 equals 4. 

Now do this with groups of five and amend the sentence, 1 group of five equals 5, two groups of 5 equals 10. 






Year 2 St Anthony & St Bernadette Class

Who was Lucienne Day and what did she do?

What sort of colours and patterns express who you are?

What is 2 x 10, 5 x 10 and 7 x 10?






Year 3 St David Class

What happens to the denominator when we add or subtract fractions?

Evaluate our vegetable couscous to your grownup

Name some of the parts of a plant to your grownup. 



Year 4 St Elizabeth Class 

What is a podcast?

What do we know about pyramids?

What books in the Bible relate to Paul's journeys?



Year 5 St Kateri & St Ivan Class

English: Robin Hood was held in a tower. Use a relative clause to make this sentence more exciting. 

Maths: Practice your TT Rockstars – who is going to be our Rock Hero of the week. 

Topic: What can you see from your window? Remember your skills from observational drawing. What do you need to think about? How do we create texture? How do we create shading, using a pencil. 

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