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    All Catholic schools are rooted in Christ, who is to be the centre of school life.

    Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church are integrated into every aspect of learning, teaching and the totality of life at St Mary's.

    Our classes are named for saints; each class researches their saint, and celebrates their saint's feast day by wearing home clothes and sharing an afternoon treat of party food.

    EYFS                 Saint Hilda & Saint Ivan

    Year 1                Saint Anthony

    Year 2                Saint Luke

    Year 2                Saint Bernadette

    Year 3                Saint Clare

    Year 3/4             Saint David

    Year 5                Saint Elizabeth

    Year 6                Saint Josephine 

    The whole school celebrates the feast day of Saint Don Bosco.

    The whole school also celebrates the 1st May with a procession and donation of flowers to Mary.  These flowers are subsequently taken by some children (with staff) to local care homes.

    St Mary's school has close links with St Mary of the Angels Parish Church, and Fr Terry - the Parish Priest - leads many of our liturgies and masses.

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Useful Information
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