Weekly Learning Conversations

Year 1: St Clare Class

This week in English we have been learning about pronouns – these are the words we use instead of using someone’s name e.g. he, she, we, I, you, they, them, him, her.  Please continue to practice these words at home.
In Geography we have enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom and so far we havee looked at the map and discussed England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  We have also been excited to recreate the flags for these countries in different ways.
In maths we have been recognising and sorting 3D and 2D shapes.  We have learnt that the 2D shapes are flat and that we can’t pick these up and 3D shapes are fat and we can pick these up.  Shapes are all around us, please discuss shapes with your child.  In particular 2D shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle and 3D shapes cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, cylinder.

Year 2: St Bernadette Class

English: Explore some news articles at home, this could be a magazine or paper, or CBBC News website. 

Maths: Find out how much milk or a milk alternative is in the shop, how many pennies and pounds? 

Topic: Describe some key features of Australia and some of the animals that are native.

Year 3: St Anthony Class

Why do we use a key on a map?
Can you remember any symbols we learnt?
Can you use persuasive sentences to persuade your grown ups that they should take you to see the Eiffel Tower?
Why does Mary have a lot of feast days in the Church’s calendar?

Year 4: St Elizabeth Class and St David Class

What new vocabulary have we learned this week in our look at South Africa?
What 3 facts do you remember about Nelson Mandela?
Our timestables focus facts this week are 3×9 and 7×8.  What are these answers and what related facts do you know?

Year 5: St Josephine Class

  1. Which country in North America would you most like to visit and why?
  2. What do the terms protagonist and antagonist mean? Can you think of any examples from books you have read?
  3. How would you solve 34×27?

Year 6: St Ivan Class & St Kateri Class

    1.  Discuss ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ so far. We found out in chapter 4 that Ahmet is a refugee, how do you think this will affect his friendship with the narrator? 
    2.  Please use TT rockstars to practice your timestables ready for our new weekly quizzes, focus on the timestables you know you find tricky! 
    3. In RE, we learnt about the miracles of the man born blind and Lazirus raising from the dead. What do these two miracles tell us about Jesus?
Please remember homework books are now going out every week, you need to complete one test per week for both reading and maths. They will be due in every Friday.