Weekly Learning Conversations

Year 1: St Clare Class

This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes.  We discussed why Guy Fawkes wasn’t happy with King James 1 and that he and his friends plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament as well as the King and other leaders of England too.  We discussed why we have a bonfire and fireworks and that this is because we are celebrating that Guy Fawkes’ plot failed.  
In maths we have really been thinking about a number and how that number can be broken into two parts.  Can you make a tower of 4, now break the tower into two parts, how many are in each part?  Repeat breaking the tower into two different parts.  Start with 4 (being the whole number), break it into two parts, the two parts of the whole (4) can be 1 and 3, 2 and 2, 0 and 4.  Now make a tower using a different number and see how many different ways you can break it into two parts.  Repeat.

Year 2: St Bernadette Class

1. What happened in the Gunpowder Plot? Who was involved? Why did it happen?
2. Share our story of Chicken Little so far – what do you think will happen next?
3. Explain what an odd number is? How many odd numbers can you name.

Year 3: St Anthony Class

  1. Can you retell the story of the gunpowder plot, including the reasons why people did the  things they did?
  2. Why do we use oil, water and a white garment at a Baptism service?
  3. What have you learnt about soils?

Year 4: St Elizabeth Class and St David Class

1. What key facts can you remember about the Gunpowder Plot?
2. Why do we celebrate on Bonfire Night?
3. What was your favourite descriptive line from your firework poem?

Year 5: St Josephine Class

  1.  Who were the key people involved in the gunpowder plot and what do you know about them?
  2. What were the key events leading up to the 5th November 1605?
  3. What do you know about King James and what are your opinions of him?

Year 6: St Ivan Class & St Kateri Class

  1. What were Guy Fawkes’ reasons to try and blow up the Houses of Parliament? Was he right to do so?
  2. Who are the inspirational women from the Old Testament?
  3. Can you work out 321 x 43, 576 x 98 and 996 x 21?